MySecretaryUSA has made it easy to send messages to text-enabled cell phones with our SMS service. Forget about memorizing all those different cellular e-mail addresses. With MySecretaryUSA SMS service, you don’t need them!

SMS is included free of charge when you purchase our 3000 message or unlimited 2way paging plan. It is available for $5.00 per month additional if you choose other plans.

Here's how SMS works:
Sending text: From your MySecretaryUSA Two-way pager, using "Email" as the address type, enter “SMS:” followed by the 10-digit cell phone or other SMS device number. (NOTE: Do not add a space between the colon and the 10-digit cell phone number.)
Example: SMS:2145551212

Receiving Text: Alpha messages being sent to a MySecretaryUSA Two-way pager should always be sent to the pager's email address. A pager's email address is [10-digit pager number]@usamobility.net or [alias]@usamobility.net
Example: 2145551111@usamobility.net or johndoe@usamobility.net

SMS is included free of charge when you purchase our unlimited 2way paging plan. It is available for $5.00 per month additional if you choose other plans. Without the SMS feature you can still send and receive from cell phones via email.

NOTE: With or without SMS, you can send and receive text messages via email. The email address of your 2way pager is [pager number]@usamobility.net, [pager number]@arch.net will also work.


An easy way to deterime the email address of a cellphone or two-way pager is to send a text message from that device via email to your regular email address or text pager and you will be able to see the sending device's email address.

We have also compiled a list of paging and cellphone carriers. Next to each carrier is the format to use when sending a text message to the device via email. Just substitute the device's phone number (or vanity name if applicable) where indicated below. DO NOT USE PARENTHESES OR DASHES. DO NOT USE BRACKETS AROUND THE DEVICE PHONE NUMBER.

Wireless Carrier Device e-mail Address
AllTel [10-digit phone number]@message.alltel.com
American Messaging (formerly SBC Paging) [10-digit pager number]@page.americanmessaging.net
Aquis [10-digit pager number]@aquispage.com
ATT [10-digit phone number]@mobile.att.net
Boost Mobile (Sprint reseller) [10-digit phone number]@messaging.sprintpcs.com
Cingular [10-digit phone number]@mmode.com
[10-digit phone number]@cingularme.com
[10-digit phone number]@imcingular.com
[10-digit phone number]@mycingular.textmsg.com
[10-digit phone number]@airmessage.net
Motient [user name]@2way.net
Nextel [10-digit phone number]@page.nextel.com
Nextel Blackberry Service [10-digit phone number]@nextel.blackberry.net
Nextel Browser Service [10-digit phone number]@messaging.nextel.com
Qwest [10-digit phone number]@qwestmp.com
SkyTel [7-digit PIN]@skytel.com
Sprint PCS [10-digit phone number]@messaging.sprintpcs.com
TMobile [10-digit phone number]@tmomail.net
US Cellular [10-digit phone number]@email.uscc.net
USA Mobility [10-digit pager number]@usamobility.net
[10-digit pager number]@arch.net
Verizon Wireless Cellular [10-digit phone number]@vtext.com
Verizon Wireless Messaging [10-digit phone number]@myairmail.com